It all started with our Founder Bhiku Shah as young man in the 60’s getting his first taste of the coffee and tea trade.  Just outside Nairobi, in the small town of Thika, Bhiku honed his craft, learned about farming, cupping, and exporting some of the finest Kenyan coffees and teas of the time.  

Fast forward to the late 70s and Bhiku is now in Toronto and importing teas which many had never seen here.  Roasting on a vintage G.W. Barth Coffee roaster producing some of the most well balanced and interesting coffees for the Canadian market.  

Bhiku, Anish, Rakesh @ Toronto Coffee and & Tea Festival 2019

Bhiku, Rakesh & Anish @ Toronto Coffee and Tea Festival 2019

Soon after his sons Anish and Rakesh joined the family business and are carrying forward in Bhiku’s vision to provide the best service, teas, coffees to the masses. Kitimai’s success can be attributed to all the wonderful customers over the years which we have had the pleasure to service.

Today Kitimai has become a multi-service company where we have unique capabilities.  We are one stop company serving the beverage industry.  

Our ability to import, blend coffees and teas, flavour, package, produce tea bags, and understand our clients needs has been driving force behind our success.