Coffee Roasting

Roasting is in our blood line.  It all begins with procurement, we pour our nine decades of knowledge into every bag.  This begins with a conversation to determine each customer's distinct needs. Then matching the perfect single origin or developing the best blend to match their requirements.  Its all in how we source the finest beans then roast them in small batches to bring out an unparalled flavour expeirence.  

Our Roasting Plant

We opperate out of Toronto, Canada in a industrial unit which is accredited with Organic and Fair Trade Certifications.  

We are very proud of our roasting machine.  It is part of the heart and soul of our roastery and influences our coffee us and the people and even our branding.  Our vintage cast iron G.W. Barth Superior Menado (1952) brings our coffee to life along with our enthusiasm for great coffee.  Staying true to our machine we have kept it in original condition and continued to roast in the traditional way. This machine is HEAVY enough cast iron to build probably two modern day roasters.  The heat distribution on this machine is so even, it’s like comparing a cast iron pan to a modern non stick, its just night and day.  

From whole bean to roast and ground, fractional packs urn packs, we are experts in providing you coffee in the size and format to meet your opperational needs.  When it comes to a variety of single origins, flavours, and blends that are ready to sell, we can exceed your expectations with a catalogue of coffee in different ranges and price points.