Open For Business

Preventative Measures


Since the beginning of Covid-19 we have taken the following measures to prevent the spread and flatten the curve.

  • No non-essential employees are coming into work, they have  been advised to work from home
  • Hand sanitizer has been strategically placed
  • No delivery/truck drivers are allowed in our warehouses
  • Strict adherence to CFIA standards, in sanitizing any contact surfaces
  • Thermometers are kept on site to test if anyone should not be at work
  • Advising our international partners of our measures and learning what steps they are taking to stop the spread
  • Increased our stock of green and roasted coffees to ensure delivery is made on schedule


On a day to day basis our coffee facility is up and running and prior to the pandemic we always adhered to a code hygiene, the Canadian Food Inspection Agencies standards of cleanliness, and are continuing these practices today and moving forward.